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Excana Specialized Services is a construction company based out of Calgary, Alberta. We offer many of our services throughout Southern and Northern Alberta. We offer a full range of excavating, road building, landscaping, demolition and general earth moving activities. We perform these services for residental, commercial contractors, oil & gas, municipal and industrial customers.

We are a company on the forefront of technology with a great reputation for safety, quality of work and complete customer satisfaction. Excana has an absolute, unyielding commitment to the highest quality service through accurate, thorough estimating, on-schedule, on-budget execution of each project and a commitment to provide superior value for ever dollar that our clients spend with us here at Excana.

Our Commitment to Safety


Excana Specialized Services has developed a noted reputation for making the safety and security of its workers of primary concern. While our team at Excana will always endeavour to provide services that meet the highest standards of quality and excellence, no achievement is ever worth risk of serious injury.

Many of our employees are trained in occupational health and safety, Quailty assurance, and quality control. We also support a policy of continuous training in order to ensure that all workers are kept abreast of the most current safety protocols pertaining to the use of their equipment or their general working environment.

Excana Specialized Services only invests in equipment and machinery that is up-to-date and thoroughly tested for safety and quality. We ensure that all personal safety is regularly upgraded, and all vehicles are inspected on a daily basis.

Experience, Knowledge, and a
Reputation for success
Excana Specialized Services Inc. was founded in 2011, At Excana we are able to offer creative solutions to issues that may arise when developing projects suchs as drainage systems, underground utilities, parking lots, excavations, culverts, and other tasks that involve careful calculations of finish grade.
Think of us as your contractor and project partner. Our philosophy is to not take every job that comes our way, but rather to seek out projects where our unique level of expertise and experience allow every project to come in on-time and on-budget.
Our capabilities are easily scaled for each project; we can be as or as little as our clients need us to be.



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